The opening of Musee Dezentral signals the dawn of a new era for NFTs, and art in general

The COVID lockdowns did a lot to change not only how we live, but also how we see the world around us, speeding up changes that otherwise may have taken decades. Crypto, NFTs and the blockchain have been clear winners, and, as a result, new questions have arisen. When art…


How a simple camera test turned into a BTS deep-dive.

It all came about as a bit of a surprise to DJ and MCA, the father/son-in-law duo behind the GetSideways YouTube channel. Despite posting videos regularly since their channel’s inception 18 months ago, it was only when they posted their reaction to BTS’ Ugh! that they started gaining traction. …


Under-represented in English-language cookbooks, Omani food deserves more recognition

I spent a long time looking for an Omani cookbook. If I had been searching for Syrian, or Palestinian, Turkish or Moroccan there would have been dozens to choose from. I would have been spoilt for choice and would have had difficulty picking just one. But recipes from the Gulf…

The tennis player’s stay at Melbourne’s immigration detention centre highlights the poor treatment of asylum seekers

This week, Djokovic has been staying in Park Hotel — the infamous immigration detention centre in Melbourne — as he awaits a decision on his visa after failing entry requirements. …


Eco-Islam is made accessible in Ibrahim Abdul-Matin’s book

I’m currently researching environmentalism in Islam for a literature review. Environmentalism and tackling the climate crisis is, of course, an important and pertinent topic — and one which has a long history in Islam. There is Islamic guidance on water usage and division, the protection of important wildlife areas, and…


It was an eclectic mix with a few surprises

2021 was the first year that I participated in the GoodReads Reading Challenge, in which I challenged myself to read 20 books. Now that the challenge has (successfully) come to a close, here is my look back over the past year before I set goals for the year ahead.


Islamic Art

A manifesto.

This piece was written as a manifesto for a new (imaginary) Australian Islamic Museum, for NODE’s ‘Decolonising Curatorial and Artistic Practicies’ with lecturer Kathy-Ann Tan. The task was to give specific attention to how the space and subject may be decolonised.

The National Gallery of Islamic Art and Design

The National Gallery of Islamic Art and Design was…

Rosalind Noor

Rosalind is an Australia-based doctor and Fellow of the RACGP. She is currently studying for her Masters in Islamic Studies and Classical Arabic.

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